Born in Miami to British peripatetic parents, Jyl Millard is a London-based artist whose formative years were spent in two vastly
different cities - Miami and London. This has had a profound affect on Jyl's cultural sensibilities and interests.

Starting her career in pop music, Jyl was deeply involved in performing, writing and production, including writing music for film
and television.  She had her own record label and then began creating promotional videos.

Always drawn to the art world, Jyl documents the things that fascinate her.  These are either very serious subjects such as criminal
justice and extreme deviant behaviour or the whimsical - American diners, baking and exploring cities on foot. 
The resulting art is usually a combination of these two opposites.

Jyl began to be fascinated with working in 1/12 scale, and simultaneously was asked to design several large-scale installations.
  The balance between her work in music and art slowly began to shift to the latter and she now
sees art as her greatest opportunity for expression.  She works with strong visual images and bright colours.

In this exhibition at the Maureen Michaelson Gallery, Jyl is using the medium of psycho-cartography
to examine the dynamics of family relationships



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